Art works - a small selection for now  

Sandy Elverd is a fibre artist living and working in Adelaide, South Australia.   Her practice is driven by a deep interest in history, landscape and notions of place and is informed by ongoing engagement with Aboriginal people and their communities both locally and in remote South Australia.   Often sculptural in its resolve, Elverd’s work draws on traditional and contemporary basketry techniques and utilizes natural materials particularly native grasses, vegetable dyes and sand, as well as reclaimed objects.  

— Fiona Salmon, Director Flinders Art Museum for the exhibition Spinifex Country 2013.

So far in the image galleries here: a strip of woollen blanket edged and rolled, an old coat stuck with spinifex skulls, kangaroo grass lungs, linen thread, crazy stitching, safety pins, feathers dipped in black (or the colour that they were on the bird?); a spatula, knife, fork, chair, table, dog, bird; little people made from bound sticks, a small truck, a dress, a trunk, a hat, embroidery, lungs of a river dry and airless, a few found words, wire mesh, archival cotton gloves grubby with use, red thread drips from finger tips, little skulls, stories from history and research, garden tools, teapots and cups, an old canvas water bag stitched with red thread, acacia seeds, luggage, ochre sand-encrusted objects: intuition, watching and listening to the wind drying grass…. Perhaps a simple list of materials, objects and verbs will leave it open for you to read whatever into the prolific array of Sandy Elverd's work. A few of them are here for now, stories related to the work will unfold, and more will appear over time.

Watch this space —